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Feeling Perplexed By Your Leaky Funnel?

Don’t know how to plug the holes or what to do next to increase conversions?

I’m the Funnel Queen, here to help you get MORE Leads for LESS! No more guesswork.

Proudly Helping You Grow

Word on the Street...

Colette 1

Colette Werden - Founder

“Mastermind leader.  Out of the box thinker Magida is not only passionate about what she does, she gets results and fast! With her by my side, I know my business in extraordinary hands”

Brendan 1

Brendan Craigie - Group CEO Hotwire PR

“Magida is incredibly passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable in her field.  You would struggle to find a more committed professional”

John 1

John Sofarnos – General Manager

“An outstanding digital marketer. Magida’s creative & analytical skills coupled with her extensive knowledge far surpass anyone I’ve met in the field”

Results that speak for themselves

I’m proud to have an impressive track record – in my 10 years of experience, I’ve helped all of the business I’ve worked with to reduce acquisition costs & grow quickly. 

Doubled CVR

DOUBLED the conversion rate of a free trial to a paid subscriber, from 6% to 12% YOY, for an Online Accounting Software Company.

88% increase in Facebook Likes

Increased New Likes on Facebook by 88% in just four weeks for a local & Online Retail Store selling Bikes, Waterski Gear & Sporting Goods.

Increased members by 10% YOY

Grew memberships for an investment Publication to the HIGHEST EVER since inception. They were shortly after acquired for $10M.

Reduced CPA by over 200%

Reduced cost per lead from $39 to $13 YOY and added over 5,000 new email addresses for a Real Estate Website for their biggest campaign of the year.

Three Easy Ways to Work with Me


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Choose ‘A La Carte’ Up to 8hrs Training on anything your heart desires!


Captivate your Audience with my Unique Training Presentations 

Why Me?
I’ve been told I am the “whole package” (sounds like a dating site!)…but seriously…my uniqueness can best be described as: Geek Girl meets Numbers Guru meets Marketing Buff with the gift of Beautification. Yup, that’s right – I’ve got a Degree in Computers and a Masters in Marketing plus a natural knack for making things “look pretty” (aka great UX & design skills). So what does that mean for your business?