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What’s my story then?
I’ve been told I am the “whole package” (gee that sounds like a dating site!)…but seriously…my “uniqueness” has best been described as:

Geek Girl meets Numbers Nut meets Marketing Guru with the gift of Beautification.

Yup, that’s right – I’ve got Degree in Computers (Geek Girl + Numbers Nut) and a Masters in Marketing with over a decade work experience (Guru) plus a natural knack for making things “look pretty” (the Gift of Beautification), aka great UX & design skills.

What does this mean for your business?  
Simply put, it means I can whip up a campaign or marketing strategy and an entire end to end execution in no time…and it will look beautiful too! Then I use the numbers to make informed decisions to maximise your leads and conversions. No more guesswork.  

My unique talents also shine through in my personal life where you will find me decorating my house with retro collectibles, trawling through the latest news, blog or book to satisfy my constant thirst for knowledge  or shakin my thang on the Salsa scene.


Magida  completely changed the way we viewed our business - which was a challenge considering the pedigree of Eureka Report. Not only did Magida deliver immediate results but month on month she continued to grow the business.

Sarah Ouellette, General Manager - Eureka Report and Business Spectator  

Ready to Rock? Come work with me…
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Three Easy Ways to Work with Me...

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Done for you lead generation and digital marketing services.

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Mindset and performance coaching to help you achieve your life goals.

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Captivate your Audience with my Unique Training Presentations 

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