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Hey Troops,

Today I want to give you my top tip on how to get your free trialists to effortlessly hand over the moolah.

There’s so many different ways to do this actually but today I’m going to share the NUMBER ONE thing that I’ve seen time and time again convert free trialists into paying customers like crazy.

So what I want you to do is – Nurture the crap out of your trialists.

Now I’m not just talking about sending them the standard “welcome” and “your trial is about to expire” type email series. And frankly, if you don’t already have something like this in place then I suggest you put that on the top of your to-do list now!

What I mean by nurturing the crap out of them is to create what we call a “WOW” style campaign – using whatever marketing automation program you’ve got – to really hold their hand every step of the way and make them feel really special.

There’s a multitude of ways to do this but one way I’ve seen work really well is using a very personalised approach where the contact points that you have with your trialist come from an actual real person….and it’s the same person that reaches out each time.

Check out Xero – a popular cloud accounting software that we use here down under.  These guys have absolutely nailed the personalised approach to nurturing their trial customers and I know for a fact that there trial conversion rates are through the roof!

Another way to stand out from the crowd and have your trial users converting like crazy is to use the “surprise and delight” approach. Think about this for a minute – imagine if you did something so unexpected, so memorable and so left of field – do you think your conversions would go thru the roof? You bet they would!

We all remember the famous Dropbox story.

When they launched, Dropbox gave people free storage to spread the word.

I myself remember when I got an extra gig of data for FREE (which was a lot back then!).. I was delighted to say the last and of course began to spread the message like wildfire.

Pure genius!

And Now, they’re giving up a terabyte of data…do you think I’ll be moving to any other system anytime soon? Hell no!

So, tell me – how could YOU surprise and delight your users?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve come up with. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

And that’s a wrap. Thanks for your time, have a great day and remember – don’t stop coding cool shit!

See you next time. 🙂

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