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Prepare for Christmas online while you’re in line
It’s Christmas Eve but please don’t go thinking I missed the upload button or forgot to press send. This blog is especially for those e-tailers who think they may have left it too late to leverage the Christmas spend. If other years are anything to go by, then the shopping has only just begun. So read on and make a few simple changes to your website or online store. You can thank me next Christmas when the conversions are even bigger!

Time poured into shopping centres
I am certain I am not alone- my usual sprint around the supermarket after work started taking longer over the past couple of weeks. It wasn’t just more humans in my way, but a significant increase in fixtures and floor displays to dodge and then there was the dreaded time spent in line.

Self- serve or self-detriment?
Is it just me or has the rise of the self-service check out made things even slower? First there’s the decision of whether to go for the self-serve or not and then there’s the inevitable “place your items in the bagging area” at an irritating volume and frequency.  My self determined nature ends in self-detriment and I am defeated by my inability to check out my own groceries without needing assistance. I emerge from the self-service area flustered and adamant to remember that next time I will plan ahead and order my groceries online.

What’s everyone doing in line?
It used to be flicking through the glossies but now even the NW headlines aren’t as attention grabbing as the little red number in the top right hand corner of an app. New messages, emails, notifications, likes, follows and of course, things to buy. When you lift your eyes from your phone (you might not have noticed because you’re doing it too) but we all kill time with our eyes fixed to our mobile screens.

Those who are in-line are online
Having just dodged 5 fixtures full off half priced Cadbury Favourites, a monstrous pile of mangoes, the largest selection of hams this side of the piggery and an aisle of tacky tinsel just for good measure, I am frustrated, tired and overwhelmed but… I am totally caught up in the Christmas hype. By the time I get to the register I am ready for a breather and my phone is a welcome distraction while I hang out in line. (This is when your messages, emails and facebook updates about hassle free online purchases and super fast shipping are about as welcome as a lounge chair and a glass of bubbly.)

Are you emotionally converting?
If you’re an e-tailer and not making the most of the customers, who like me, are adequately wrapped up in the Christmas but too frustrated to take on the shops, then you are the over-boiled brussels sprouts of the Christmas table or the socks and jocks of the Kris Kringle and THAT my friend, is not a desirable place to be. 

Let the shopping centres build the hype and bad moods and leverage this “emotional converting” behavior that we are seeing all around us this silly season by putting all you have into creating a mobile friendly version of your website! Then simply communicate with your customers via an email or social media to remind them you are there and you’re as good as a personal shopper with competitive prices, amazing products and hassle free returns.


 Here are my top 5 tips to being the best thing since pork crackle & choc-coated almonds on Christmas Day!

  1. Make checking out easy (always offer PayPal payment)
  2. Ensure easy navigation on your site with accurate photos and descriptions
  3. Provide fast shipping
  4. Promote post Christmas sales
  5. Have adequate, friendly and responsive customer service that includes hassle free returns and exchanges.

If you’re in the business of selling online (e-tailers in particular),then maybe this Christmas season you won’t need me to tell you that this is not the time to be taking a break. Do the work now and see the profits increase the whole year around!

Yours in patience and hassle free online transactions,

Magida Ezzat

Founder of Umbrella Marketing
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