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Dear fellow Business Owners & Marketeers,

I have to admit to you all upfront, I have felt some resistance to writing this blog and realised it was because the ‘first’ of anything is always a big deal.

Birthdays, steps, jobs, children and kisses – they’re all significant parts of our life journey.

So, finding the right words to wrap around such an important event for me was daunting and I’ve put it off for several weeks of being “open for business” to get the words down.

Much more than 10 years in the making

While working through my resistance I realised, this is not really the start of anything; it is more like the middle, or a change, or mostly just a new chapter.

I have heard myself say ‘Umbrella Marketing has been 10 years in the making,’ numerous times over the past few weeks. Yet, it’s really been my whole life in the making.

One could reflect on times way back as far as you can remember, or even be triggered by moments your parents recall to you, and know that even way back when you were a small child, you were destined for something big to unfold.

(This is the case with all of us, yes, that’s you too!)

Looking back I could see it all unfolding

I have known my passion from when I first started working in marketing. It virtually hit me like a ton of bricks when I made the transition from the IT world into marketing, I instantly knew I’d finally found my path and my passion. It was so invigorating to finally be working in a career that was fun, exciting and I was passionate about.  However the yearning for more was always there tapping me on the shoulder, reminding me there was more to this than just the corporate world and there were bigger things to be done.

Sometimes it came in the form of redundancies from workplaces, other times it was a chance meeting with someone who encouraged or inspired me.  More often it was that voice within that I couldn’t quieten, urging me towards my vision.

Starting the start up

I have learnt that you don’t just start up a business. A business starts you up, with the passion you have for what you do.

N.B. if you don’t have a passion or drive for your business then you won’t ever be able to start it up!

So it was simply my passion for business that starting me up. But it wasn’t just a passion business, but one for helping my clients to navigate the world of digital marketing without getting taken advantage of! I’ve been told got the gift of hospitality and education you see, so this really has been my calling my whole life, I just didn’t realise it or embrace it until now.

The Umbrella is more than a cover from rain

The umbrella for me was significant to so many aspects of my business (and personal) values. Mostly I wanted to be the cover and the protection between honest businesses who “don’t know what they don’t know” and those who didn’t have their best intentions at heart.

In my time of being on the other side of the fence (in the corporate world) I saw firsthand that there are lots of people making lots of money by taking advantage of other businesses. Enough was enough!

So, I started Umbrella Marketing and made it my mission to help businesses crush the overwhelming feeling they have about marketing and help guide them through the digital jungle so they are no longer sitting prey.  I hate nothing more than seeing a business taken for a ride, paying $10,000 for a website that should have cost $1,000 for example! I just can’t help but lean out into the blistering rain to protect a business for this sort of threat.

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Under the Umbrella

You will often hear me say I am Geek Girl meets Numbers Nut meets Marketing Guru with the gift of Beautification. This is because I bring a unique combination of IT skills, evidence driven marketing strategies and the ability to make everything look “pretty” to grow my clients businesses and simply get more leads for less.

And so came the birth of the term the “Lead Queen” – which I’m now more commonly known as.  Of course I can help you more than just getting more leads for less, but I figure you gotta start at the top of the funnel, fill it up with awesome HOT leads and then work your way down, fixing things as and when needed.

Inspiration for when it rains

Inevitably it will rain, hard times will come, and as these few inspiring people know, the life of an entrepreneur take patience, passion and dedication.

I will leave you with a couple of my favourite pieces of wisdom from some of those who inspire me.




For now, it’s time to swim in an ocean of one thousand possibilities!  Are you in for the ride?

Comment below and tell me about your start up experience, your biggest fears and how you conquered them!

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  1. Nice words Magida, and congratulations on your first blog article. It reminds me of a quote from Lao-Tse: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Don’t stop and keep up the good work. 😉

  2. Hi Magida, well done! Your blog is interesting and inspiring. It is so good to share your feelings and experiences, as we are all in the same ‘wavering’ boat when it comes to starting our own business. One thing you have said that hit the nail on the head is that you need PASSION to be successful! Without that feeling, the avalanches of problems would soon flatten you and drive you out of the race, before you’ve even had a chance to have a go!
    From my perspective, passion is all I had, but I had it in bucket loads. No business experience, no substantial financial back up, no idea what was ahead of me, but as you said so appropriately, business ‘found me’! I have always had a love of homewares; a home and all that it contains has always led me to search and source beautiful pieces from here and abroad. Everywhere I have ever traveled, I found myself gravitating towards shops, markets, places of interest where I could find a treasure to bring home. It was this natural exploration instinct back in 2010, in a dusty and rather dodgy souk in Dubai, that my daughter suggested we start an online business selling treasures found from our travels.
    This was the beginning of what is now my pride and joy, my 4 year business of gift and home wares, called PANTOUFLE. My logo is “bringing a world of gifts to your feet” and true to form, we still continue to source, explore, discover and import pieces that have a meaning behind them.
    The road so far has been far from smooth …. from my own inexperience in running a business to the general dip in retail nationally, I had no idea what was ahead of me! However, having said all that, it was a blessing in disguise that I was so ignorant because had I know how difficult and challenging it is to survive in your own business with all its uncertainties, I would never have taken the plunge! And what a shame that would have been … with its sleepless nights worrying, its pressures from banks, suppliers, customers, real estate agents, government and taxation issues, not to mention the every day hiccups that can crop up, it is still a magical ride and one I am so grateful I entered into. Today, after four years of building what began as a thought mixed with endless passion, my business is well on the way to standing strong and proud.
    Every year that passes, teaches me more about what business is about as the best lessons are those learnt from my mistakes.
    Magida, I wish you whole heartedly nothing but success and the rewards that come with creating your own business. Congratulations and my last piece of advice: believe in yourself and never give up!

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