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coffee-aussie Last year was a BIG year for me, to say the least. I left the corporate world (celebrating 1 year this month!) I left a relationship, I left a business partnership and then finally, I followed my gut and heart to start Umbrella Marketing! Fast forward to today when I leave my home to start another new chapter in my life.

So as I sit here on Australia Day, sipping my last Turkish coffee in my apartment before I move on to bigger and better things, I wonder about what my most important lessons have been over the past year?

A few things that come to mind and some words of wisdom from me…

1. Change is daunting, I get it…but it really is OK, because you can handle much more than you think! Enough said. Trust yourself and the universe, because whatever comes at you is meant to be. (Remember, you attract what you put out.)

2. Always, and I mean always, go with your gut! Every time I’ve ignored my gut, it has come back to bite me. Now I listen every time.

3. Perception is reality – fake it till you make it! Think big and everyone around will think big too. I was surprised to find out that so many people I’ve met actually thought my business was a lot bigger than what it really is. Now I know I’ve just let the cat out of the bag here but this is about helping you all on the road to success so I don’t mind giving you an insider view here. If I can give you one piece of advice, back yourself (you are smarter than you give yourself credit for), be confident that you do have something unique to give to the world and people will come flocking.


4. Last but not least – your network truly does equal your net worth. I have spent a lot of time building and nurturing my network over the past year and I cannot tell you how important it has been to my growth, support and success. Having a tribe of loyal fans behind me has been the most vital step in my business to help me along the path to being successful. This, in fact, is my most important piece of advice I have for you as a business owner – nurture and build your tribe otherwise you will not be able to grow and your conversions will be low. If you have a brand that people know, like and trust you really cannot go wrong!

So, to finish off, I’d love for you to reply to this post and tell me- what are you doing to build your tribe?

From one loyal fan to another,

Magida Ezzat (aka The Lead Queen)
Proud Founder of Umbrella Marketing – Turkish Coffee drinker by day, Salsa Dancer by night.

P.S. If you’d like some help from me to build your own Tribe of raving fans, I’d be honoured to help – just click here to apply for my FREE 45 min marketing business audit here (normally costs $199). 

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